Stimulating Innovation Through Dialogue and Training
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EXCELORATORS is an education and training organization. We connect global thought leaders with individuals, industry and academia. These exceptional orators communicate the building blocks for success. We welcome the opportunity to inspire your professional and student groups today!

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Professional Development Programs

Excelorators’ Programs and Workshops are suited for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives looking to take the next step in their lives and careers. [Learn more]

Expand Your Network, Exchange Ideas

Excelorators’ Forums convene global thought and business leaders together, providing numerous opportunities for networking and exchange of ideas.[Learn more]

Student Academic & Cultural Programs

Excelorators Student Programs inspire the next generation of thought leaders and entrepreneurs to create lifelong networks and achieve their maximum potential. [Learn more]

What others are saying

  • “Everyone in our group achieved a lot…it changed our minds, changed our ways of thinking, and changed our life plans. In a few words, it had made a great influence on us all.”
    Corinne, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Nankai UniversityExcelorators Student Program Client
  • “I wish I could have stayed even longer to continue exploring the topics and discuss new ideas with the Professors.”
    Mr. Chen Feng, General Manager of Guangzhou Jingde Auto Parts Co., Ltd.Excelorators Executive Program Client
  • “We enjoyed great discussions with faculty and staff about a wide range of issues.”
    Ms. Zhou Yutian, Finance Manager of Shenzhen Quanbiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Excelorators Executive Program Client
  • “Excelorators’ Programs provide so many opportunities to explore, learn and grow at the University.”
    Harvard Teaching Fellow
  • “What an open communication environment we experienced during the training sessions! We not only exchanged our thoughts and opinions with the professors on a professional level, but also personally and freely.”
    Ms. Yu Tian Zhou, Finance Manager of Shenzhen Quanbiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Excelorators Executive Program Client
  • “I very much enjoyed this intensive one day training. It helped me understand the American way of thinking. At the same time, we learned a lot about ourselves through American eyes. This program really shows how the United States and China can work together to achieve great things.”
    Ms. Wu Xue Yuan, Treasury Director of Hainan Baisha Fruit Treasure Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.Excelorators Executive Program Customer


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