Richard Maaghul


As a member of the founding EXCELORATORS team, Richard brings his vast and dynamic experience of business management, funding and development to his role as CEO. He is both excited and passionate about having the opportunity to grow the company and to continue to make EXCELORATORS’ vision of broadening the access to centers of higher education in the United States a an even bigger success.

As a serial entrepreneur, Richard has worked as a consultant and solutions provider for companies as large as Chevron and Bright Horizons as well as provided funding strategy for emerging and just-established startups. His 19 years of industry experience in early stage funding, startup business development and acquisition negotiations has served him well in his ability to identify emerging and disruptive technology and provide learning and teaching opportunities to engage these companies and their founders for EXCELORATORS’ international client community and programs.

J. William Bayrd II

Vice President Business Development

As a decorated veteran, pharmacist, and owner of a small start-up based in Nashville, TN, Bill brings his well-rounded experience, enthusiasm, and passion for education to EXCELORATORS. His previous role as a Global Medical Communications Manager at Abbott Laboratories affords Bill the unique opportunity to transfer best practices from a seasoned global business into the foundation of EXCELORATORS. Prior to this, Bill spent 6 years in dedicated service to the country as a United States Marine.

Ken Finch

U.S. Sales Director

Ken Finch has over 25 years of experience working in various sales management and marketing positions. His background includes management roles at Brown-Forman Corp. and later Constellation Brands, where Finch was responsible several major markets - California, Nevada, Florida, New York, Illinois, and the Pacific Northwest.

Finch has overseen the successful launch of several major U.S. consumer product brands, and worked with all channels of the consumer packaged goods industry, including overseeing regional sales forces in key United States markets. Most recently, Finch worked to develop and implement new education programs and customers for EXCELORATORS in California.

Finch has an undergraduate degree, and MBA form the University of California, Berkeley, and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

Bowen Gao

Director of Business Development

Bowen Gao is an entrepreneur, innovator, educator, and international investor. With years of experience in travel, tourism, hospitality, and education management, Bowen commands both an Eastern and Western perspective on business development. With years of experience in travel, tourism, hospitality, and education management, he brings a practical approach to EXCELORATORS management, delivery, and executive services team.

Kari George

Leadership and Project Management Consultant

With five years of higher education administration experience at three different universities and more than two years of Agile project management, Kari brings a unique perspective and a passion for creating educational opportunities that enhance individuals and teams. Prior to joining the EXCELORATORS team, Kari worked in student affairs at Vanderbilt University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Salem State University. She then transitioned into technology project management where she developed high performing teams at Emma.

Working with EXCELORATORS allows Kari to combine her passion for enhancing educational experiences with her skills of organization and planning to propel strategic progress.

Maggie Xing

Director of Business and Operations, Asian-Pacific Region

Maggie Xing serves as EXO director of Business and Operations of the Asian-Pacific region and as the Permanent members of the China Augment Reality Alliance. Meanwhile, she takes charge of guest teacher for many universities. Therefore, she has abundant and stable university and market resources. With over eight years of oversea project work experience, Maggie Xing summed up vast experiences of education resource integration and business operation, as well as applying it on the development of university and company. In recent years, she is devoted to pushing forward the education and resource exchange of AR/VR/AI region. Hoping that across the multidimensional platform brings the excellent international study and exchange experience for company and individual.

Olivia Hu

Project and Course Director, Asian-Pacific Region

Olivia Hu graduated from the Leicester university in UK with a master's degree in Management. She has years of work experience in related education institutions, both at home and abroad. With over seven years of work experience, Olivia took charge of vastly successful activities of international tour study, study abroad, and culture exchange. Meantime, she is the founder and writer of Bridging Course before study abroad (INFINITY). Her rich work experience makes Olivia own the original ideas on the education project and curricular development. Therefore, after adequate appreciation of Chinese market, she will bring the precise design and effective market promotion for EXCELORATORS.

Asad Zaman

International Director, Pakistan

Mr. Asad Zaman is business graduate from Pakistan and Australia. He has extensive experience in sales and marketing within the corporate banking sector. Since 2011, he has been involved in education enhancement and placement of students at international universities in many countries across the world including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and USA. Currently, he is working with EXCELORATORS Inc. as the International Director of Pakistani operations.

Heidi Um

Director of Operations and Planning

Heidi Um was born in Korea and graduated from Duksung Women’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design. After graduation, for over 10 years, she worked in the fashion industry as a woman dress designer and international sales coordinator to major retail brands in USA and Japan. Her dedication to educating the youth developed greatly when she acquired Koma Kids School in Seoul, Korea, contributing in early child development and curriculum establishments.

Korean customers can contact me for information about our great programs.

Rhett Farber

Director of Strategic Relations, Asia

Rhett brings to EXCELORATORS over 30 years of experience in fast paced international markets. He has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops (focusing on Team, Leadership, and Organization Effectiveness; as well as “Collaborating Effectively Across Cultures” solutions) for major multinational companies with operations based across Asia. Rhett moved to the Greater China region in 1981 (2 weeks after graduating from Florida State University, on a one-way ticket) and has seen amazing changes throughout Asia during the past 30+ years. He has a keen understanding of the cultural, social, and economic issues of the region. Rhett’s excellent communication skills, problem solving, resource management, planning, and leadership are invaluable to the mission of EXCELORATORS.

Kris Yagel

Chief Program Developer

Kris Yagel is a top-rated leader whose passion for helping others and keen sense of human nature make him an unforgettable presence at any event. He is a former, decorated Army officer, graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, multi-award winning salesperson, and highly successful entrepreneur. He has incorporated his experiences into a curriculum used for training students and executives, from domestic and international companies, in the areas of leadership, corporate success strategies, and team effectiveness.

Emma Handler

Global Strategic Analyst

Currently finishing her MBA at Boston University, Emma is interested in international market research and emerging markets. As Global Strategic Analyst at Excelorators, she researched the Chinese Training and Development market, and runs programs in Boston for visiting executives. Prior to beginning her master’s program, Emma worked as an English as a Second Language Teacher in Hunan Province, China and Boston, as well as creating cultural exchange programs for international students.

G.K. Nelson


After nearly two decades working in print journalism and book publishing, G.K. Nelson migrated to new media in the early '90s, developing two successful ezines and several Web sites, and actively participating in the infancy of social media. His commitment to EXCELORATORS' perspective on international education and cross-cultural communication led him to join the team to share their vision of 21st century innovation and leadership.


Leland Cheung


Leland Cheung is a first generation American running to be Lieutenant Governor of the State of Massachusetts. He holds a BS in Physics, a BA in Economics, a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford University, an MBA from MIT Sloan, and a Masters in Political Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he is still participates as a Senior Lecturer. He currently serves on the Board of the National League of Cities and the Board of the National organization of Democratic Municipal Officials.

Mel Dogan


Mel Dogan is a graduate of Columbia Law School and an expert in finance and international business development. He specializes in international business transactions including corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and real estate development for foreign high net worth families and entities. Previously, he was a member of the board of directors of a New York international finance bank for 14 years focusing on business development. Additionally, Mr. Dogan advises individuals and companies on how to create, expand and monetize business opportunities here in the United States and abroad.

Joe DeAntona


Colonel Joseph DeAntona, U.S. Army (Ret.) has had a variety of operational assignments during his thirty years of military service including five years of service in Europe (Italy and Germany), three years of service in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Afghanistan), one year in South Korea and twenty one years of service in the continental United States. He served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York and most recently as the Brigade Tactical Officer/Dean of Student Affairs for the United States Corps of Cadets.